LAHS (Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society) and GDPR (General Data protection Regulations)


LAHS stores personal data in the legitimate interest of the Society to contact members and others (LAHS Supporters) who have requested that they be kept notified about the Society’s activities, with information about meetings, newsletters, journals, and occasionally about activities being organised by other local groups with similar interests. Data held includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and bank account details where these have been supplied by a member in order to make electronic payments to the Society.


The data is held on personal computers belonging to the Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer (Financial Information) and any Member or Supporter can request to see their stored information by contacting the Secretary, Membership Secretary, or Treasurer (in the case of Financial Information). Data on Members will be held for one year after a membership ceases unless the member requests that it be deleted sooner. This period is to allow lapsed members to continue to receive information about the Societies’ activities. Data on LAHS Supporters (people who have asked to be notified about the societies’ activities, but who are not paid-up members) will be held until they request removal, or state that they are no longer interested in the Societies’ activities.