LAHS Winter Programme 2016–2017

Talks take place at 7.30pm in St Columba's Cathedral Hall, usually on the third Friday of the month, but this occasionally varies to suit visiting speakers. Visitors are most welcome and the entrance fee for non members is £3.00
Fri 21st October - Catherine Gilles 'Life after catastrophic loss: John of Lorn and the court of Edward II'
Fri 18th November AGM. Your chance to have your say about the Society + a selection of Bob Mcculloch & Charlie Drummond's slides of Old Oban
Fri 9th December - Linda Fryer - 'Mary and Iain Ciar: MacDougall of Dunollie's Jacobite couple'
Fri 20th January 2017 - Jennie Robertson - 'Clearance Villages in Morvern: Recent Archaeological Surveys'
Fri 17th February - Alison Sheridan ‘Early farmers in the West of Scotland, 4000-1500 BC’
Fri 17th March - Richard Blair - 'George Orwell'
Fri 21st April - Lorn Macintyre - 'The Campbell of Dunstaffnage'.

Summer Programme 2017


For all walks, please use the contact page to register your interest (it is really helpful to know numbers for handouts and even, maybe, teas! Please note that participants undertake walks at their own risk - sadly, this is something that we have to state these days.)

Please use the contact page if you have any queries about the Society or about the programme.