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Join us in Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Lorn Archaeology and Historical Society in 2023

Oban in 1906 - Tuck postcard (wikimedia)

Oban in 1906 – Tuck postcard (wikimedia)

Join us for a wide variety of talks, walks, events and activities exploring and learning more about our local heritage together.
August : Introduction to Field Archaeology led by Archaeology Scotland 

We are honoured to announce our first Patron – Professor Tony Pollard

Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society was formed in 1963 by local heritage enthusiasts and has continued for 60 years to bring together those in the Oban and Lorn area who want to learn more, with interesting winter lectures, summer visits, workshops and, in the past, some serious archaeological activities.

The new committee formed in late 2022 are keen to follow in these highly illustrious footsteps to ensure the 60th Anniversary is celebrated, by creating a varied programme of talks, visits and activities

10th June 2023 – what a wonderful 60th anniversary celebratory tea party at Dunollie

We are VERY pleased to finally bring the incredible resource of the archive of published journals and newsletters to the online audience.

Follow all the links to find out what we are doing, planning and to enjoy the past heritage of LAHS.

We NEED more volunteers to help us – PLEASE offer your time and expertise, behind the scenes is fine.

And you are very welcome to donate too, there are plenty future opportunities if we have the funding.