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60th Anniversary Celebration June 2023

What a fantastic 60th Anniversary celebration we had yesterday afternoon
Thanks to Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds for providing the best location, the weather for beating sunshine down on us, the Kettle for providing scrumptious cakes, members old and new joining together to celebrate this significant milestone and particularly to Professor Tony Pollard of Glasgow University for joining us and agreeing to become our Patron.
Shannon of Dunollie entertained us all with a tour around Dunollie and up to the castle.
Here’s to the next 60 ! .. what do YOU want the society to be doing ?

May we present our new (first) Patron – Professor Tony Pollard, Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology at Glasgow University (and past co presenter of 2 Men in a Trench)

You are invited to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society at Dunollie on June 10, 2023.

What a wonderful achievement for the society which has seen amazing people, talks, activities and discoveries over the years.

The grounds of Dunollie castle are looking so beautiful this year.
We have a simple afternoon tea planned starting at 2pm, delicious cake and share a few words to mark the occasion.
A guided walk to the castle including the upper reaches now available will be available and access to the exhibition in the 1745 house.
Book your place at the celebration tea here : Eventbrite (free)

Professor Tony Pollard (Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology at the University of Glasgow and archaeological co-director of the charity Waterloo Uncovered, past presenter of Two Men in a Trench) is joining us, celebrating his archaeological roots with LAHS, having been introduced to his lifelong passion by the late Charles Hunter.

There are limited places, and we do need to know who is coming,  to Dunollie please.

If you are unable to attend but would like to send a message, we would love to hear from you.
Email  Tell :  07716522524