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60th Anniversary Celebrations 2023

Throughout the year we have enjoyed a variety of activities to rekindle the society after the quiet time of the previous few years and to celebrate the immense achievement of reaching the 60th anniversary .. what a tribute to all the past committee members for all their hard work. 

We welcomed our first patron for LAHS : very honoured that Professor Tony Pollard agreed to return to his childhood and archaeological roots 

June saw our party at Dunollie with old and new members enjoying the sunshine, delicious cake, reviews from past members and a guided tour of the museum, gardens and castle. 

In the spring we published our newly revamped website, which is simple, updated with lots of potential for future development to represent and showcase our local heritage – we would welcome any volunteers who would like to offer time to write up information, to share images, stories, histories and, separately, to help edit and maintain the back end wordpress side. 

Over the winter a wonderful volunteer, now our Treasurer, took on the immense task to digitise the past library of journals, published annually for most of the last 60 years. These are now available here online, fully indexed and searchable pdfs. 

The library has now moved to it’s new home, still around Oban, and available for members to access. The link sends you to the pdf of the catalogue.