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Volunteers wanted

Your LAHS volunteer team need your help.
We are small in number and delighted to have had so much support since September to celebrate the 60th anniversary .. but if we want to do more we need more bodies.
can you offer help with ANY of the following
* Grant applications for small projects like equipment / activities
* Writing information about our local heritage to add to website
* Mapping expertise to build a heritage map for the website
* Sharing photos of our local heritage for the website
* Helping develop website as a local heritage resource for all
* Helping to organise an event / activity . Even just one a year
* Leading historical walks locally
* Leading new Archaeological activities : digs, explorations etc
* Helping at heritage events to raise the profile
* Suggesting speakers or workshops
We would love to hear from you if you have anything to offer
You absolutely do NOT need to be a committee member.. but we do welcome more of those too.