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Brigadier John MacFarlane 1939 – 2023

    It is with greatest of sadness we hear of the passing of one of our local heritage legends Brigadier John MacFarlane.
    He will be missed so dearly by all who hold any interest in our local places and people, especially in the Gaelic speaking world.
    His work to collect and build on the amazing research that his mother had done to gather the place names, folklore and meanings of the area of Muckairn will be a powerful legacy.
    LAHS propose to dedicate one of our Winter Lecture series to topics dearest to his heart : Gaelic / Placenames in his memory. We will be interested in hearing from any speakers who would like to give a lecture in this area in the future.

    Oban Times obituary :

    Scotsman Obituary

    In 2020 he recorded a few lines from John Roy Stuart’s poems “The Day of Culloden” and “Lament for Lady Macintosh” for the Association in Gaelic and English, where his rich baritone rendition will hopefully still be heard for years to come – visit the webpage to hear them